Our Story

Behind every great beer is a great story…because beer matters!

In 1992, this group of mates with a passion for beer decided to experiment at home, brewing their own beers, supplying their first batches to friends and family……for the love of beer!

Fast forward to adulthood, (whilst all through the years continuing to refine their recipes to create the best home brewed craft beer at one of their residence nestled in the leafy suburb of Rondebosch, Cape Town) these friends developed their love of beer to the next level, and realised their skill and passion for brewing could pave the way to the ‘No.1 Craft Beer’.

So in 2015, the idea of Bosch Brewing Co. was born and took temporary residence in a suburban garage, whilst the old school mates zealously worked on perfecting the art of creating premium craft beer.

In 2016 the brewery took residence in Stikland, and was officially opened.

The soul of Bosch Brewing Co. is the desire to brew the beers that excite us, using only the finest imported and locally sourced ingredients.

Whether it’s our American Pale Ale or Lager – these are both considered and cared for beers that we have focused on perfecting and are proud to serve.

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